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Saint Paul's is a body of believers who

'Love God, Love People, and Make Disciples.'

Being this sort of community involves:

  • walking with one another through life
    • its celebrations and its hardships;
    • worshipping the Lord who fills us with compassion;
    • nurturing faith in Jesus Christ to strengthen each soul through the bond of love;
    • cultivating Christlike character, compassion and engagement.
  • reaching out to others
    • especially in response to poverty, crisis and grief;
    • in support of the hungry, homeless and addicted;
    • in support of families, singles, seniors, and young people;
    • introducing the help and grace we ourselves receive from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

    Our expenses include the operation and maintenance of our building and supporting our staff of Pastors, Administrators and Caretakers which facilitate and coordinate the work of the scores of volunteers generously engaged in this labour of love.

    If you want to support these efforts, please consider how your prayers and financial support can work with your own participation: deepening your faith, training for service, and launching into these ministries with us as part of Christ's mission on Earth.