Currently on hold due to Covid Restrictions

During the past eight years, several dedicated volunteers from St. Paul’s and the community have prepared and served breakfast daily to numerous (25-55) students at Davenport Public School from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and they have established good relations with the students. Each day brings a steady group of children seeking breakfast and/or companionship.
These daily breakfasts consist of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, milk, apple & orange juice. On a weekly rotating schedule they are provided with muffins, pancakes, toast, bagels, grilled cheese and mini pizza. This ministry fulfills a need in the community and we thank the many volunteers. 
This program is operated at minimal cost to the Outreach committee as major grocery purchases are made by the school coordinator of the program. Weekly a couple volunteers ensure that there are sufficient fresh vegetables, fruit and milk products available.
We also thank Share ‘N Care for their continued support with funds for any equipment and/or supplies they provide for this ministry program.