A Special 2020 Mission Trip Update


To all of our generous donors:

The St Paul’s 2020 Mission Trip, scheduled for March 16th 2020 to the Dominican Republic, was cancelled due to Covid. We deeply regret that rescheduling this trip for 30 people was not possible given the current health, safety and travel situation we find ourselves in going into 2021.

Even though we were unable to personally go to the DR to deliver the much needed aid that we gathered, we are here to inform you that your kindness and generosity is still being received by those in need in the DR.

Prior to our scheduled departure, we spent almost 2 years fundraising for this trip. We hosted paint nights, spaghetti dinners, a quarter auction, a euchre tournament, a car wash and BBQ, and a trivia night, just to name a few things. We were blessed to work with our church family and greater community to exceed our fundraising goal by almost $6000. We were able to raise over $20,000!!

When our trip was initially cancelled in March, we knew that the people of the Dominican were being hit so much harder by Covid-19 than we were here in Canada. Since we wanted to do what we could at the start of the pandemic, we sent down $5000 for immediate aid in April of 2020. We did not send all of our funds at that time because we were still holding onto hope that we could reschedule our mission and be physically present to help build a home for a family there. We now know that that dream will have to wait.

In February of 2020, we collected and filled 30 suitcases with items such as; linens, toiletries, beauty products, food, tools, medical supplies, kitchen utensils, dolls and school supplies. In consultation with those at the Samaritan Foundation, the choice was made to use some of the funds raised to pay to ship these dearly needed supplies by sea to the DR. In many ways, they need these items just as much as they need the money that could buy them – it is difficult to obtain goods during these troubling times. These cases will arrive before the end of this month and be distributed to those in need.

Since our plans are on an indefinite hold, we have forwarded the remaining funds to The Samaritan Foundation. This bounty will go to assist those in need in the Dominican Republic. We still, as a group, have purchased a house for a family in need ($6500), but your generosity has also given the DR much needed funds for infrastructure ($4000) and emergency aid (approximately $3500).

The tourism industry in the D.R. has been devastated by travel restrictions. Many have lost their jobs and are struggling to provide for their families. Your donations are going to help provide direct aid, and provide jobs through infrastructure projects.

We want to thank you again for your support of this Mission Trip. Even though we were not able to go and see the benefits of our fundraising efforts, we are blessed to know that God has used us to help give some relief to those who are in such great need in the D.R.

Blessings to you. We hope you are all staying healthy and well during this Christmas season.
Sincerely from, St. Paul’s 2020 Mission Trip
Photos from the Samaritan’s Foundation