Sunday School Programs
St. Paul’s uses the Workshop Rotation Model in our Sunday school program.  Major Bible stories and concepts are taught through child-friendly multi-media workshops.  Art, drama, games, puppets, storytelling, DVD-videos, science, cooking are just some of the mediums we use to teach our lessons.  We teach the same bible story in all workshops for 3-4 weeks, rotating the children through different workshops each week.  For Easter, our theme is: “The Trial and Crucifixion”.  For the month of May, we will be discussing the story of Pentecost, identifying it as the birth of the church. We are always looking for new/additional teachers. It is a great way to grow your Faith. We will be hosting an information night for parent/teacher input into our children’s Christian development in early May. Please watch the bulletin for more details.
Tuesday Community Outreach Lunches
The Tuesday Community free lunch began several years ago when there was a lot of unemployment in our community, causing us to be concerned if the children would be properly fed during the summer when there was no breakfast program at school. It was our idea that we would provide a nutritious meal over the summer, than when school was back in session we would not be needed.
Little did we know that 5 years later we would be providing a hot, nutritious meal for 20-50 people 51 weeks out of the year.
We have been able to continue this service only because of the commitment of several individuals from St. Paul’s abd the help of our community. We receive many donations of free food from various areas of the community as well as financial contributions from area churches and individuals who support our endeavous. We have kitchen helpers from other churches and the community in general.
God has truly blessed us in providing a service to those who might not be able to make it on their own.
10 20 30 Prayer Group
There is a small group of believers at St Paul’s who meet three times a month for prayer.
Participants in this small group believe that God listens to the prayers of his people. We believe that the life and work of our faith family and Christ’s church around the world is impacted by prayer. As intercessors, we come before God with all kinds of prayers – praise, confession, thanksgiving, blessing, comfort, healing, freedom, guidance, wisdom, intervention and requests – and anything else He might burden us with at a particular meeting.
We believe that He alone is able to lead us in fulfilling the mission of the church – as she walks the way of Christ ministering to a broken world. We pray because we love Jesus and we seek to honour Him through prayer.
Everyone – no matter age or level of understanding – from St Pauls is welcome to join us. No one will be expected to pray beyond their own level of comfort. This is an opportunity to grow spiritually in community.
Regular gathering are on the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month at 7 p.m. However, on Saturday or Sunday, we come together early in the morning. At the close of each meeting, we confirm the next date and time. More information is available from Kathy at 519-773-8919 or
Men’s Study Group

A time for men to look at the characters of the Bible, and how they saw God, interacted with Him, and how it fits us today.  The Men’s Group is seeing God through the experiences of each other and His words to us.  Meetings are held on Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. for approximately 1 1/2 hrs.  Give it a try, it is worth the time.
For more information call Don at 519-773-5670.

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY – Prayer Stitches Group

February 27, 2011 was the first meeting of the Prayer Stitches Group.  Twenty- six women signed up, of all different skill levels, but all eager to begin working on shawls to give to people in need of prayer and comfort.  In 2011- 38 prayer shawls were given out to members of our church, the community and to family and friends as far away as Japan, Ottawa, Quebec and Germany.

St. Paul’s Fellowship Team
The Fellowship team, and all the individuals who worked with them, has been busy this past year to provide special events for the St. Paul’s Faith Family.  Some of these events include:
Decorating the Church for the Advent season,
Sunday School’s participation in the Aylmer Christmas parade,
   Luncheon at the end of June,
Share ‘n Care group and their wonderful pies,
Funeral lunches.
Thank you to everyone who helps provide these events.
Share ‘N Care
The ladies of Share ‘n Care enjoyed another year filled with various activities.  We traveled to Africa via slide show, enjoyed a movie night, went for a scavenger hunt, filled bags of Christmas goodies for teens and of course – we made pies.  Our time in the kitchen together, although busy, is filled with fun and fellowship.
We are always ready to welcome a new face so please consider joining us.
Sleeping Mat Ministry
Several years ago a small group of women at Saint Paul’s came together to make milk bag sleeping mats to be sent to Third World Countries. At first we crocheted the mats, but about a year and a half into our mat making, we discovered a much better and quicker way of making mats – weaving them. We have several wooden frames that were graciously made and donated for our use by a very special friend.
Each mat uses over 350 milk bags that would otherwise go into landfill.
In the spring our mats are dedicated at a church service before being sent to far away places to be used in schools, homes and hospitals.
Sometimes they go to places where there has been a disaster, sometimes to very poor countries, but we always know they will be appreciated and make someone’s life a little better.
Our mat making group meets from 9:30-11 every Thursday morning on the second floor of the CE building from September through June. Newcomers are welcome.