St. Paul’s 2017 Council Members

Rev. Don Graham
-Minister for our congregation
-Must be present for all Council meetings
Council Chair        
John Cronheimer
-Chairs all meeting of the congregation or pastoral charge
-taking votes and announcing the results
-voting only if there is a tie
 Viki Lacombe
 Contact Chair by Email
Brent Johnson
Kathy Cronheimer
Karen Jones
-In partnership with the Treasurer, oversee and maintain the operational finances of the Church
Coordinate the budget process in conjunction with all committees for presentation to Church Council for approval, including timelines
-Manage the weekly Sunday counting process
-Establish and manage appropriate internal financial controls
-Ensure an appropriate annual review is performed
-Present Council-approved annual budget to congregation at the Annual Congregational Meeting for final approval
-Responsible for the following equipment: Communication Systems (Telephones), Computer Systems/Network, Photocopier, Office Supplies
Keith Hunt (Chair)
Ron Fentie (past Chair)
Larry Miskely (Custodian)
Paul McCallum (Assist. Custodian)
Bob Baxter
Lew Nancekivell
Bryan Steel
Tom Nesbitt
Jeremy Webster
Mark Stockford
-Maintain Property
-Co-ordinate volunteers, ie: snow removal
Heather Johnson
-Keep up-to-date records as well as an audit trail for all transactions 
-Protecting the organization against fraud and theft, ensuring safe custody of money and prompt baking.
-make sure the board understands its financial obligations
-make sure the organization complies with tax regulations, such as HST, payroll tax, etc.
-review all internal processes and reporting methods at least annually
-provide Council with up-to-date financial reports
Ron Fenti (Chair)
Deb Ungar
Ian Stubbs
Teresa Webster
-Educating the congregation on the mission of the United Church both locally and in the wider church
-Educating the congregation on the funds needed for this mission and how they will be used
-Encouraging commitment and participation from the congregation in this mission
-Reviewing regularly the balance of funds given for local purposes and funds given for the Mission and Service Fund
Ministry & Personnel
Nancy Campbell (Chair)
Dan Axford

Nancy Nancekivell


-Being available for consultation and support for matters involving the pastoral charge staff
-Overseeing the relationship of the pastoral charge staff to each other and to people in the congregation
-Regularly reviewing the working conditions, responsibilities and compensation of all pastoral charge staff
-Making any recommendations needed as a result of these reviews to the governing body
-Revising position descriptions of pastoral charge staff as needed
-Conducting annual performance reviews of the pastoral charge staff
Ensuring pastoral charge staff make use of opportunities for continuing educations that they have been given
-Maintaining close contact with the presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee
Christian Development
Jen Shackelton (Chair)
Pauline McHugh (Adult Library)
Dorcus Tisdale (Children’s Library)
Kathy Cronheimer  (Adult Education)
Stan Jones (Youth Education)
Sue McCallum (Children education)
-Meeting the faith formation and Christian education needs of the congregation
Sunday School, Nursery, Bible Studies, Men’s Group,
Council Scribe
Deb Herron
-minute taker for Church Council meetings
Worship & Music
Peter Ungar (Chair)
Pat Baker
Lisa Collard
Don Graham
Don Campbell
Brian Cummings
-Oversee the music program in partnership with the Minister of Music and to organize and co-ordinate worship services in partnership with the Ministry staff.
Pulpit Relief, Communion, Ushers & Greeters, Sanctuary, First Aid supplies and Computer Operators
Mission & Outreach
Mary Lou Rollo (Chair)
Jeannette Pesall
Ann Donkers
Nancy Wiltsie
Cathy Korevaar

Deb Faulkner


-Taking care of the needs of the people in our community and around the world, such as:
Support Christian missions
Outreach Activities – Milk Bag Mats, Tuesday Outreach Community Lunch, Davenport Breakfast Programme
Mitten Tree
Denise Bancroft
-The Fellowship Committee works in partnership with all the committees and groups within the church to support and provide help for special events.
-The Committee is also responsible for the production of our church newsletter, ‘The Window, and its distribution, as well as the development and maintenance of the web page and our new sign on Talbot St. The Committee also oversees the use of the Christian Education Building and approves rental, when necessary.
Pastoral Care
Marie Ball (Chair)
Visitation Committee:
Paula McCulloch
Alice Matthews
Doris Baughman
Marie Ball
Eve Wiebenga
Janet Vervoort
Beth Thompson
Eleanor Shaw
Kate Kent
Roberta Wilson
-Visitation of shut-ins and special needs
-Getting in touch with members not in attendance
Dorcas Tisdale
-Represents our Church (pastoral charge) at Presbytery
If you have questions or concerns, please contact the church office, and they will ensure that it gets forwarded to the correct council member.
The best way to do this would be by email,
But, we can also be reached at 519-773-7152

You can find DRAFT copies of the Council meetings by following this link:

Meeting Minutes